About Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy helps treat chronic pain, injury, disease, or disability. Treatment can involve prevention methods or rehabilitation methods. Physiotherapy treatment differs by scenario; treatment is decided based on diagnosis and medical history. Methods can stem anywhere from mobility exercises to soft tissue massages to neuromuscular stimulation. Common problems that are treated with physiotherapy include neck and back pain, pain in bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments, also loss of muscle strength. Physiotherapy may also be used to treat the after-effects of arthritis, amputation, cancer treatment, asthma, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and palliative care.
What Physiotherapy Helps With
If you have injuries or chronic pain that affects your daily activities, you should think about physiotherapy. You may also get referred to physiotherapy by a doctor to treat pain after surgery or other medical problems. Physiotherapy may or may not be covered by your insurance company. Always check with your provider to see if you are covered under insurance.
Physiotherapy In Toronto

Physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial to help with your mobility and pain problems. Whether it’s the common problems or more serious issues, we are here to help. North Health Clinic provides physiotherapy, chiropractic care, RMT massage, acupuncture and custom made orthotics & stockings for the best value. Give us a call or visit us here at North Health Clinic located in Toronto.

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