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About Our Services

A typical session includes an assessment, personalized treatment plan, hands-on therapy, exercises, and education. The focus is on improving your specific condition and promoting overall well-being.

Please schedule your appointment in advance by calling our clinic or fill out the appointment form on our website. On the day of your appointment, plan to arrive 15 minutes early to complete intake forms. Our receptionist will provide an overview of our clinic’s policies and facilities. We kindly request that you bring any relevant medical reports, test results, a comprehensive list of your medications, or any other information that may assist us in your care. Your practitioner will begin by conducting a thorough review of your medical history and attentively listen as you describe your symptoms, goals, and concerns. Throughout your first visit, your practitioner will perform a comprehensive physical assessment of the affected areas, explaining each step of the examination, ensuring your ongoing consent, and prioritizing your comfort. Taking into account your medical history, assessment, and rehabilitation objectives, a multidisciplinary treatment plan will be tailored to your needs. This treatment plan may encompass a combination of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic care, Massage Therapy, Chiropody, Naturopathic Medicine, and Yoga, in addition to the potential use of custom braces, stockings, or orthotics. Your practitioner will confirm your consent and provide an explanation of the subsequent steps in your personalized care plan.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows easy access to the affected area. Your therapist may need to assess and treat the area directly.

At North Health Clinic, many of our services are eligible for coverage through extended health benefits. Typically, insurance providers include Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Chiropody, Orthotics, Custom Shoes, Compression Stockings, and Acupuncture within their coverage. Before embarking on your treatment plan, we recommend reviewing your insurance policy or reaching out to your provider directly. They can clarify the specifics of your plan, outline coverage details, and discuss billing procedures. Rest assured, we are here to assist you in liaising with your insurance company, ensuring that you have all the necessary information. North Health Clinic also offers direct billing to numerous insurance companies, allowing you to focus on your recovery while we handle the insurance claims process.

Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive, drug-free approach that addresses neuro-muscular conditions. While no medical procedure can guarantee complete freedom from adverse outcomes, chiropractic treatments are associated with a notably low-risk profile.


About Our Clinic

Our extensive team of physiotherapists allows us to accommodate most patients within 48 hours.

Certainly! Our team of physiotherapists at North Health Clinic is fully registered and maintains good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Please provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice for appointment cancellations; otherwise, a cancellation fee will be incurred.

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